Public Consultation No. 2

The second non-statutory public consultation on Alternatives and Options took place from 3 May to 20 May 2022. All of the information that was displayed as part of the consultation can be accessed below. The feedback from the consultation will now be reviewed by the project team to inform the development and assessment of Alternatives and Options to inform a decision on the preferred transport solution for the project which is currently scheduled to be put on Public Display in Q2 2023.

Public Consultation No 2 – Alternative and Options:

Information Brochure (English)
Information Brochure (Irish)
Information Boards
Alternatives and Options with Infrastructure, Biodiversity & Archaeological Key Constraints Sheet 1 of 4
Alternatives and Options with Community, Agriculture & Utilities Key Constraints Sheet 2 of 4
Alternatives and Options with Hydrology, Hydrogeology & Soils & Geology Key Constraints Sheet 3 of 4
Alternatives and Options Sheet 4 of 4
Feedback Form (English)
Feedback Form (Irish)

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